5th MARCH, 2014: Major announcement: We have today reached our upper limit of this current directory of
500 therapists, after which we are
unable to add any further therapists in this website format.

As you might be aware, we have been testing a new map-based directory at www.hijamadirectory.co since the beginning of this year, and now that we have reached the limit of this directory format, we have no choice but to upgrade all entries to the new format of the directory, which we understand has no such limits. So please bear with us while we go through the upgrade process in the next few months, and in the meantime you might need to refer to both directories to find your nearest therapist, until the upgrade process is fully completed and this old directory is then shut down:

www.hijamadirectory.info >> is in the process of upgrading to >>   www.hijamadirectory.co

This Hijama Directory consists of all therapists registered through
the hijama blog at www.ahealth.co.uk and as of 1 January, 2014 is now being upgraded to a
map based directory at:

If you are a therapist, and haven't upgraded your details yet, you can do so at the following link:

There is a nominal annual charge for entries at £15 per year (equivalent to £1.25 per month) to cover running costs of the directory

The Directory is for information purposes only and is not to endorse or otherwise reject any of the therapists registered with us, so prospective hijama patients /
clients are advised to verify the therapist's qualifications, competence and suitability for themselves, as like with any profession, hijama therapists also come
in varying degrees of competence. 

So in brief, this Directory is just here to help you find your nearest available therapist. How good and experienced they are, we cannot currently say (as we currently would not have the resources to go round the world and test each one of them out!), so that will be your job to find out for yourself before you proceed with any treatments.

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As of June, 2013 we now have a total of over 400 male and female therapists registered on the Directory,  from the following 46 countries (the number of therapists listed in each country is shown in brackets) :

  1. Albania (1)
  2. Algeria (4)
  3. Australia (1)
  4. Bosnia-Herzegovina (2)
  5. Brunei (1)
  6. Canada (15)
  7. Congo (1)
  8. Denmark (1)
  9. Egypt (9)
  10. France (4)
  11. Germany (1)
  12. Ghana (1)
  13. Greece (1)
  14. India (70)
  15. Indonesia (11)
  16. Iran (3)
  17. Ireland (1)
  18. Jordan (2)
  19. Kenya (1)
  20. Kuwait (1)
  21. Libya (1)
  22. Macedonia (1)
  23. Malawi (1)
  24. Malaysia (14)
  25. Mauritania (1)
  26. Mauritius (8)
  27. Mexico (1)
  28. Morocco (6)
  29. Mozambique (2)
  30. Netherlands (7)
  31. Nigeria (1)
  32. Pakistan (101)
  33. Qatar (1)
  34. Romania (2)
  35. Saudi Arabia (13)
  36. Singapore (5)
  37. South Africa (5)
  38. Spain (2)
  39. Sri Lanka (15)
  40. Tanzania (1)
  41. The Gambia (1)
  42. Turkey (8)
  43. Uganda (1)
  44. United Arab Emirates (8)
  45. United Kingdom (79)
  46. United States of America (23)

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